The prayer writing prompt this week asks for five nouns that caught my attention yesterday (Friday). Then invites me to choose one, without thinking too much, and to craft a connection between the word and God. One of the things I did yesterday was attend a concert in church with a local choir and brass band.

My word is: Trombone.

A bold and brassy instrument.
Yet the player hesitates to come centre stage for his solo moment.
Smoothly the notes of music sound out, from the unmarked slide.
Playing by sense and feel, building up the dynamics, being part of the band.
Taking the applause.

Creative God, you draw us into the light of love.
You make us smile, loosen up and play your music of joy, peace and justice.
Alleluia, Amen.

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Ferns unfolding in the back garden.

Ferns unfolding in the back garden.

(photo taken May 2013)