I have many names to learn. For now, I can continue to apologise and say “Remind me of your name?” For now, I am allowed not to know. The expectations (especially my own) will continue to grow. This time of not-knowing is important and I hope to remember that, even as I grow in knowing the place and the people, and myself. It is a good time to remember the names of people who still inspire and accompany me along the way.

God of many names,
may the names of many be held precious.
The names of those who have held us in love, as a parent, as a lover, as a friend.
May we hallow the names of those who have sat around tables with us, who have provided food, words, silence, acceptance.
May the Spirit of forgiveness blow away the hurts we hold onto, and breathe lasting peace into our land, our homes, our hearts.
May we bless those who have taught us the language of love, and who we truly are.
Called by name, may we lift our voices to join in the song of the wounded healer.
And may all God’s people say Amen.

(also posted at Rachel G. Hackenberg ‘Faith and Water’ http://rachelhackenberg.com)/and-when-you-pray-say/