Prayer prompt from Psalm 32, verses 5 and 7:

“Then I acknowledged my sin to you
and did not hide my iniquity.
You are a hiding place for me;
you preserve me from trouble.”

Hiding under the blankets, wrapped in the warm darkness, wanting to be rescued.
Hiding in the wildness of the ‘top garden’, immersed in let’s-pretend;
Hiding in the library books, as worlds and adventures unfold.
What makes a hiding place a transforming place of discovery? Who will birth me out of hiding into facing the dawning day? Who will help me let go my fear and come back to my true self?
Mothering God, you name me, you enfold me and you let me go this day.
Brother Jesus, tell me the story that reveals the hidden word of life.
Nurturing Spirit, send me out with an open loving heart hidden within me.


(learning stories – photo taken at Emerson College, Sussex, Nov 2011)