Prompt for writing: “Be glad, Zion Mountain! Dance, Judah’s daughters!
The LORD does what he said he’d do!
Circle the city of Zion, take her measure,
count her fortress peaks, climb her citadel heights —
then you can tell the next generation, detail by detail,
the story of God, Our God forever, who guides us
till the end of time.” (Psalm 48:11-14, The Message)

I touch the cover, and open the book. Slowly, cautiously, wondering what will emerge. Pages unfold, images tumble out, voices once silent speak boldly, laugh, cry, sing. The stories whirl around me like an autumn breeze. They draw me in and breathe me out. I am created once more. Listen .. this is my story, this is our story.


(photo taken at Emerson College, Sussex, Nov 2011)