Writing prompt: “In the scrub of the desert plain you will lodge,
O caravans of Dedanites. Bring water to the thirsty,
meet the fugitive with bread, O inhabitants of the land of Tema.
for they have fled from the swords, from the bent bow, and
from the stress of battle.” (Isaiah 21:13-15, NRSV)

The people of Tema (an ancient oasis city) are instructed to extend the relief of their oasis to the wandering Dedanites, to bring them relief with water and bread for the Dedanites are refugees from war


For those thirsty for encouragement, for those hungry for fruitful work, for those who long to find a place of flourishing, we make our prayers. Form us into vessels of giving, holding and receiving, O wandering God, who gives water in the desert and food enough for the way ahead.



(photo taken on Iona, Sept 2011)