Prayer prompt today is Isaiah 10:21 (NRSV): “A remnant will return, the remnant of Jacob, to the mighty God.” The prophet Isaiah foreshadows warring years for Jerusalem and a scattering of the people, but he also claims with hope that a remnant of the Israelites will be saved from the destruction in order to rebuild the nation. Despite all that will be lost, those who remain will be Israel’s good news.

Wholeness is what I long for often, Holy One.

Having all things connected, belonging together.

So this is something different – the idea that pieces are important, the cracks and the spaces in between, the fault lines of wounds.

When the pieces of life fail to fit as I wish, help me to love the imperfection, the gaps through which surprising joy might blossom. Amen



photo taken in Iona Abbey Sept 2011