I’m hopeless at resolutions.

I don’t do New Year resolutions, and if anyone asks what I’m doing for Lent I usually mumble or change the topic of conversation sharpish. Oh, I often mean to do something purposeful, often buying a number of books and then failing to read them ..!

Well, I’ve found something I’m going to have a go at here

Here’s my first attempt:

Holy God, the true crafter,
seeing within the image of love created in me,
in the practice of relationship,
stretch me, form me,
in silence, may your word dispel my fear,
allowing me to step gently on this earth.


(photo taken at Iona Abbey)

Some other words I turn to again and again as this demanding season approaches come from the English mystic Evelyn Underhill:

“As to your Lent – no physical hardships beyond what normal life provides, but take each of these as serenely and gratefully as you can and make of them your humble offering to God. Don’t reduce sleep. Don’t get up in the cold. Practise more diligently the art of turning to God with some glance or phrase of love or trust at all spare moments of the day.”

Happy nearly Lent!