13th July 2012


I’ve had a fair bit of advice about the walk I’m proposing – sorry, Freudian slip – that I am doing tomorrow!

When I bought some boots a few months back I was told to take off my boots and socks every 5 miles of the walk to avoid blisters. Not sure how the population of Kidlington will take to that.

Last week the manager of the local Chinese take-away (who was regaling us about the numerous long distance runs he has done) advised me to fill up on carbohydrates the day before. He suggested having plain boiled rice. I’ve opted for pasta instead and some porridge tomorrow for breakfast.

So what advice can I actually take on board before the day dawns and I have to do it? One of the hardest challenges for me is to try and travel light. Already my list of ‘essentials’ to take along is quite a long one: drink, cereal bars, Kendal mint cake, lip balm, phone, sunglasses, map and directions… Some lovely folk are happy for me to knock on their doors for ‘pit-stops’, my other half will bring lunch to me when I need it, and here’s hoping I make it and even enjoy some of it – and don’t get too soggy! Maybe there will be some more amazing skies.


And here’s to St John’s Hall Church Kidlington, which is what it’s all about – not a pretty building maybe, but a building for the community, and with a very special, committed church community keen to see it continue to be used to its full potential.