30th June 2012

Right, so now I’ve got a route for my sponsored walk around the parish, Hilary’s Hike (raising money for St John’s Hall Church, Kidlington)


The route is an amazing piece of work, put together very kindly for me by someone who used to work for the county Highways and Transport Department, and who has therefore spent much of his working life around the roads of Kidlington. I think he enjoyed the challenge of creating a route that covered as many of the roads as possible, without too much duplication. So, it is a beautifully comprehensive route, introducing me to some linking footpaths I haven’t yet explored, and over the next couple of weeks my task (as well as the minor issues of improving my fitness, stamina and long distance walking ability!) is to study it and become more familiar with it, so that I don’t spend too long peering at the map and working out where to go next. Thankfully I also have a printed list of instructions, like left here then right and so on …

This week the Oxford Mail got in touch and came to take some photos of me – so keep a look out!

Yesterday I walked into Oxford and back. It’s not really that far, in the scheme of what I’m hoping to do, and I was very tired when I got home. I had done a yoga class in the morning (and a very good one it was too!) so had a fair amount of exercise – well I’m trying to make myself feel a bit better.

I’ve also been having a struggle with using a pedometer to measure the distance of my ‘training’ walks. I can’t seem to set them up, or wear them in the right place, or something – because I don’t get an accurate measurement. However, I’ve discovered an online maps pedometer that you can use to measure your walks, and record them in a log. http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/

According to the log I created, since I began ‘training’ on May 13th, I’ve walked 151 miles, and that averages out at about 23 miles a week (which is about the distance I’m aiming to walk). 

Random acts of kindness experienced this week out walking: stopping to talk with a driver who just pulled over to have a cry; passerby pointing out to someone that their rucksack was unfastened, with contents visible.

Another week of varied weather. Sunshine and heavy rain – and a rainbow today.