I love it when things (accidentally?) come together.

A few months back, at the wonderful storytelling course I’m doing, we chose the myth stories we would work on for our next gathering in January 2012. It so happened that I picked up a Raven story, and my heart leapt.There is something about Raven stories… Maybe it’s because they feature highly in the story culture of peoples of the North: North American,Siberia, Inuit, Norse, Celtic.. and I am captivated by these strong people and places.

In mythology Raven is a trickster character, a god in disguise, a hero character, also depicted in creation stories as creator of the world.

Raven appears in one of my favourite TV programmes, the 1990s series Northern Exposure, set in a small town in Cicely, Alaska, where some of the inhabitants are Native American. At Christmas time the Raven features heavily in the celebrations – in the decorations and in a stunning pageant. The story is told of how Raven brought light into the world.

  It’s a beautiful story and I used it as part of my Christmas Day sermon – It wouldn’t be Christmas without story.


Then here is the story I’m working on for our next Emerson College storytelling course: The raven and the whale. This is a story with many themes: desire, loss, grief, healing and new beginnings. So it seems like a good story to share for a New Year.

You can read it here http://db.tt/FDzQVIV6



May 2012 bring you ways to live with loss and the joy of new beginnings.