Turning over the calendar page to September is always a bitter-sweet experience. It means saying goodbye to summer, doesn’t it? Although sometimes there’s a nice surprise and we get a bit of extra sun – like today.

Turning over the calendar today I come to day one of my sabbatical. Day one of something new, and of something that feels unknown even though I have some ‘knowns’ planned into the diary. So what did this day include?

Today we had… washing of sheets, pulling up of thistles, clearing of pond, cutting of hair, painting of nails, picking of blackberries, booking of rail tickets for travelling to Iona (very excited about this).



Then in the post came my copy of Sofia magazine from the Sea of Faith (http://www.sofn.org.uk/) which has a page that I wrote. For those of you who don’t know, Sea of Faith is a network of explorers of faith (primarily but not exclusively from within the Christian tradition), regarding religion as a human creation. The magazine reflects a range of views and thoughts concerning ‘down to earth’ faith in the radical tradition, and Sofia describes itself as being ‘for diggers and seekers’. Sof Sift is a page where people think out loud about their journey of faith. My contribution to this section is called Clothed in Story.

Hope your turning over of the calendar page today brought you unexpected gifts.